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Kathleen Nastri Joins Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder
Kathleen Nastri has joined the law firm Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder as a partner, the firm announced today. The firm also announced that Ms. Nastri has been…
Medical Malpractice, Automobile Negligence, Other Practice Areas 07/01/2003
Jury awards woman $800K in malpractice case
A jury has awarded $810,000 in damages to an elderly city woman whose hip was shattered during a surgical procedure. Beulah Post, 88, broke her leg during a…
Medical Malpractice 04/19/2003
With Washington tackling medical malpractice, it’s doctor vs. lawyer in the court of public opinion
“If you get a call from Koskoff, you should start to sweat, because you know it’s not frivolous” says Sally R. Bergwerk, M.D., M.P.H. ’98.
Medical Malpractice 04/01/2003
What Price Pain And Suffering?
Gus E. Velez Jr. of Bridgeport never imagined he’d be a heartbreaking voice in one of Connecticut’s biggest legislative battles this year – malpractice…
Medical Malpractice 01/27/2003
Ill Woman Wins Suit Against Doctor
A terminally ill woman whose doctor failed to diagnose her rare but curable liver cancer won $800,000 Thursday as a result of a Superior Court jury verdict…
Medical Malpractice 01/24/2003
Hospital To Pay Fine In 2 Deaths
In a record settlement between a Connecticut hospital and state regulators, New Haven’s Hospital of St. Raphael agreed Thursday to pay $250,000 to end the…
Medical Malpractice 11/01/2002
Guards Sue Prison Officials
Maj. Richard Matos’ career with the state prison system has been on a fast track since he became a correction officer in 1979. He’s been promoted, received…
Civil Rights 08/09/2002
Richard Bieder’s Connecticut Department of Correction Sex Harassment Press Statement
I’m wearing black today because it is sad that, in the enlightened 21st century, our state’s appointed executive branch leaders — one, a member of the…
Other Practice Areas 08/08/2002
Antonio Ponvert III’s Connecticut Department of Correction Sex Harassment Press Statement
Ladies and gentleman, thank you for coming today. Under the best of circumstances, the Connecticut Department of Correction is a dangerous and difficult…
Class Actions, Civil Rights 08/08/2002
Harassment suit filed against Department of Correction
Female correction officers in Connecticut say they have had enough and will not tolerate sexual harassment by their fellow officers anymore. Eight officers…
Class Actions, Civil Rights 08/08/2002
$2.9 million settlement for death of mentally ill man
How much is the life of a 21-year-old mentally ill inmate worth? For Timothy Perry, a man killed by Hartford Correctional Center officers on April 12, 1999…
Civil Rights 05/02/2002
$750,000 settlement for prison suicide
As David Tracy hanged himself with a bed sheet, prison guards watched and waited outside his solitary-confinement cell for more than five minutes, his family…
Civil Rights 04/11/2002
$1.1 million settlement for prison stun gun death
Connecticut has agreed to pay nearly $2 million to settle lawsuits involving the deaths of two inmates it sent to a controversial supermax prison in Wise…
Civil Rights 03/15/2002
Lawyers offer victims some free TLC
They call themselves Trial Lawyers Care, Inc. They’ve set up a Web site and toll-free telephone numbers in both English and Spanish. And for the next two…
Other Practice Areas 10/16/2001
Mother sues over dead baby
Middlesex Hospital and the Crescent Street OB/GYN clinic are being sued over a birth practice that has recently come under fire in the media and in medical…
Medical Malpractice 07/06/2001
Connecticut Magazine selects Koskoff lawyers as “Top Lawyers” in the state
What do you like most about your work? What I like most is the ability to make an impact on clients’ lives. I consider myself privileged to be able to help…
Other Practice Areas 07/01/2001
$1.6M awarded to heart attack victim’s widow
A Superior Court jury Monday awarded Kittie LaBanca of North Haven $1.6 million in her lawsuit against a Hamden doctor and medical firm for mistreatment that…
Medical Malpractice 06/19/2001
Victims’ Lawyer Seeks Evidence In Oklahoma City Bombing
A Connecticut lawyer representing victims of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City asked the Justice Department…
Other Practice Areas 06/07/2001
FBI Documents Sought In Civil Case, As Well
The thousands of FBI documents at issue in Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh’s appeal may help a Connecticut attorney who suspects the government knew…
Other Practice Areas 06/06/2001
Whiting Named in Wrongful Death Suit
The estate of a severely mentally ill man who died in prison filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit Wednesday against state departments and officials…
Other Practice Areas 04/12/2001
The Worst Place In America To Be Born
The doctors at the Indian Health Service hospital in Eagle Butte, South Dakota didn’t think there was a high risk of childbirth complications for Annette…
Medical Malpractice 03/19/2001

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