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Richard Bieder’s Connecticut Department of Correction Sex Harassment Press Statement

by Richard Bieder

August 8, 2002

I’m wearing black today because it is sad that, in the enlightened 21st century, our state’s appointed executive branch leaders — one, a member of the governor’s cabinet — are still presiding over an era of sexual harassment in the DOC. Our lawsuit suit serves as final notice that this era of sexual harassment is to end immediately: women are not second class citizens.

During the time John Armstrong has been commissioner, the DOC foundations, walls and cross supports have been crumbling; his answer has been to paint the outside of the house.

It’s a sad day for this state, when justice can not be delivered by the top executive branch officials sworn to uphold the law, but has to be sought by means of a court injunction, which process we initiate today.

We can only hope that the defendants don’t drag this matter out, keeping our clients in their precarious and unjust situation, but rather quickly stipulate in court to do the basic and right things we seek. We hope the commissioner and those above and below him finally do the right thing. If they resist we’ll know they are not serious about ending the era of sexual harassment.