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Is it too much to ask that your hospital be clean?
For years hospital and nursing home administrators have said there was little they could do to keep their facilities clean and that hospital-acquired…
Medical Malpractice 10/31/2007
Hospitals: Come Clean
A patient who enters a hospital for a routine procedure should not have to face risks that may be as high as those for soldiers in a war zone, but that is…
Medical Malpractice 10/24/2007
VA National Campaign Takes Aim at Resistant Staph Infections
VA Medical Facilities Leaders in Fight Against MRSA Building on the success of a pilot program that reduced a worrisome staph infection by 50 percent, the…
New strain of strep emerges as major U.S. infection
A new strain of bacteria is emerging as a major cause of childhood infections but even drug-resistant versions of the bug can be killed off with the right…
Drug-Resistant Infections Gaining Traction in U.S.
The most frequent type of drug- resistant skin infections among people going to emergency rooms is about three times more prevalent than U.S. health…
Infection Killed Almost 19,000 in 2005, Study Says
Nearly 19,000 people died in the United States in 2005 after being infected with a virulent drug-resistant bacterium that has spread rampantly through…
Medical Malpractice 10/16/2007
State Paying Former Inmate $500,000 To Settle Suit
The state is paying a former inmate $500,000 to settle his federal lawsuit alleging that state correction officers severely beat him in 2004 for complaining…
Civil Rights 10/11/2007
Widow Wins Doctor Lawsuit
A Bridgeport jury says a family deserves $22.5 million in medical malpractice case, a verdict believed to be the largest ever award in a Connecticut wrongful…
Medical Malpractice 10/04/2007
Pitcher Suspended in Offerman Incident
The minor league pitcher involved in a brawl with a bat-wielding Jose Offerman has been suspended for his role in the incident. The independent Atlantic…
Personal Injury 08/22/2007
Offerman Out Until Legal Case Resolved
Former All-Star Jose Offerman’s suspension for a bat attack in the minors will remain in effect until his legal case is resolved. The independent Atlantic…
Personal Injury 08/17/2007
Atty. Michael Koskoff counsels Bridgeport baseball player
Atty. Michael Koskoff has been retained by baseball catcher John Nathans after Nathans was struck in the head by an angry, bat-wielding player during a…
Personal Injury 08/17/2007
Atty. Richard Bieder featured on NPR segment
ELIZABETH STAWICKI reporting: In manmade disasters, such as train wrecks, airplane crashes, and bridge collapses, investigators seldom find that one mistake…
Atty. Bloss speaks about Cheshire home invasion case
Atty. William Bloss is interviewed on WFSB (CBS-Hartford) to explain the legal process in the impending trial of two men accused of murdering members of a…
Civil Rights 08/07/2007
Minnesota Bridge Collapse
Atty. Richard Bieder was interviewed on national and regional television about his representation of victims of the collapse of Connecticut’s Mianus River…
Limitations on Child Sexual Abuse Cases Eliminated
Victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse finally have achieved a major victory in their quest to bring their assailants from long-ago crimes to justice…
Civil Rights 08/01/2007
Koskoff Supports New MADD Program in Elementary Schools
Connecticut and elementary schools in Bridgeport, Green Farms, Stamford and New Canaan premiere MADD’s new school assembly show, GAME ON, this week in front…
Bridgeport Students Awarded Housatonic Community College Scholarships
The first two recipients of the Koskoff-Bieder Scholarship Fund at Housatonic Community College were announced today. Rasheme Baskin, 20, of Bridgeport and…
Koskoff’s Atty. Bloss on Court TV’s, “Banfield and Ford: Courtside.”
Attorney Bill Bloss is a regular guest on this live national program, analyzing and commenting on high-profile cases in the news.
Atty. Bloss represents North Haven official charged
Atty. William Bloss speaks out on behalf of a North Haven official swept into a case involving alleged corruption by some government employees.
Civil Rights 04/16/2007
UConn Law School Opens Courtroom Named for Koskoff
The University of Connecticut School of Law has named its newly renovated state of the art courtroom in honor of Koskoff. The facility opened on March 22, 2007…
Partner Adopted by an Heiress Stakes Her Claim
On an island liberally sprinkled with the affluent and well-connected members of such clans as Bush, du Pont, Rockefeller and Cabot, the Watson family…
Other Practice Areas 03/19/2007
Koskoff’s Atty. Bloss on Court TV’s, “Banfield and Ford: Courtside.”
Attorney Bill Bloss was sitting in for Jack Ford, the regular co-host of this live national program, analyzing the Jessica Lunsford murder case.

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