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Class Actions

Class action lawsuits involve an individual or small group who file a claim as representatives of a larger group. For more than 30 years, Koskoff has been actively involved in representing plaintiffs in class action cases here and in other states.

The firm was instrumental in reaching a $90 million settlement of a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of victims of the Colonial Realty pension plan Ponzi scheme against a major accounting firm.

A History of Success in Class Action Lawsuits

We have handled other class action cases on behalf of women harmed by dangerous breast implants; cancer victims of the drug DES; minorities excluded from police and fire departments due to discriminatory hiring; targets of illegal State Police wiretapping; victims of stock fraud, financial scams and corporate greed; consumers bilked by price-fixing activities; vacationers burned in a tragic fire in Puerto Rico; investors charged excessive and undisclosed fees; and state employees who were victims of sexual harassment, retaliation and a hostile work environment.

Class Action Lawsuits Attorney

Cases recently or currently being handled by our attorneys include:

  • Various claims against numerous multi-state retail establishments that illegally charge unwarranted sales taxes
  • A class action on behalf of 2,000 female employees of the Connecticut Department of Correction
  • Cases against various states requesting the reallocation of money derived from tobacco lawsuits to Medicaid recipients
  • Cases against mutual fund providers charging undisclosed fees in violation of ERISA
  • An anti-trust action against Visa and MasterCard for the way they set the fees they charge retail establishments.

Class Action Litigation

In every area of our practice, we assess whether a specific case may have broader implications that may merit class action litigation. Whether you are an individual who has been harmed or a lawyer seeking a law firm with the experience and resources to handle class action litigation, please contact us to discuss your case. Our firm represents clients in class actions in Connecticut and throughout the nation.