Sexual Abuse

Sexual abusers devastate their victims. The physical, mental and emotional scars often last a lifetime. The effects of sexual abuse inflicted on a child are especially severe, resulting in anxiety, fear, depression, shame, low self-esteem, and an inability to maintain healthy, intimate relationships with others. When the abuser is someone known to the victim, or someone who holds a place of trust and authority, the victim suffers a form of betrayal trauma that can permanently infect every aspect of his or her life. Many victims of sexual abuse engage in risky behaviors, including cutting and other forms of self-harm, and victims frequently abuse alcohol and drugs to relieve their suffering. Victims often under-perform at school, or drop out entirely, negatively affecting their career hopes and opportunities and leading to substantial lost lifetime income. Psychiatric care and therapy impose significant additional financial burdens on survivors.

Sexual Abuse Cases

We understand the life-altering devastation caused by sexual abuse and are committed to holding sexual predators and those who protect them accountable. We have devoted decades to empowering survivors of abuse and achieving record-breaking verdicts and settlements, including cases involving:

We understand that many victims may never have told another person about the abuse, feel ashamed and often responsible for what was done to them, and fear the consequences of coming forward and finally speaking out. We know that victims need skilled, trustworthy, compassionate and fearless advocates to expose sexual predators and the often powerful institutions who enable and protect them. We are such advocates. We know not only the deep satisfaction of achieving substantial monetary awards for our clients, but also the empowerment and catharsis survivors experience by finally telling their story, calling out the abusers, holding them publicly accountable, and obtaining the justice they deserve.

Under Connecticut law, victims of child sexual abuse have until their 48th birthday to bring suit. The limitations period for adult victims is much shorter. Contact our firm for a confidential, no-cost consultation to learn more about your rights and remedies under federal and state law.


“It’s hard for me to express my gratitude for all you’ve done. You played such a critical role in bringing to light, working through, and emerging from such a challenging life experience.”