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Atty. Kathleen Nastri Discusses E-coli
E-coli in food remains a concern throughout the region. Atty. Kathleen Nastri discusses these product liability cases during a television interview. E-coli…
Product Liability 03/11/2007
Inmate files federal lawsuit in 2004 beating
An inmate filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against state prison officials, claiming he was severely beaten by guards for complaining about excessive force…
Civil Rights 02/27/2007
Koskoff’s Atty. Bloss is at the anchor desk of the Court TV program, “Banfield and Ford: Courtside.”
Attorney Bill Bloss was sitting in for Jack Ford, the regular co-host of this live national program, analyzing one of the high profile cases of the day.
Carrots, Sticks, and the Liabilities of Teen Drinking
Commentary by Atty. Richard Bieder as published in The Justice Journal
Law Firm Establishes Scholarship Fund at Housatonic Community College
The law firm of Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder announced today that it has donated $20,000 to establish a scholarship fund for Housatonic Community College…
‘Tis the season to make a difference
Westport-based Source Marketing has a budget to give holiday gifts to its clients. But this year the public relations firm scrapped the practice and used the…
Bridgeport Schools Receive Holiday Technology Gift
The holidays came a little bit early this year for the Bridgeport School System, and in particular, the seventh grade students at Winthrop School. The law…
Boy’s Violent Birth Produces Record Verdict
Omar Earlington Jr., et al. v. Anthony Anastasi, et al.: A 4-year-old Windsor boy won a record $2.69 million verdict Oct. 31 for partial shoulder paralysis…
Medical Malpractice 11/13/2006
Windsor boy, injured at birth, wins millions
A Hartford Superior Court jury this week awarded a medical malpractice verdict of almost $2.6 million to a 4-year-old Windsor boy who has permanent…
Medical Malpractice 11/02/2006
$2.7 Million Awarded In Malpractice Suit
A young Windsor boy and his mother have secured what is believed to be the largest medical malpractice verdict ever in Connecticut for the type of injury he…
Medical Malpractice 11/01/2006
Lobsterman, Plans For Pipeline Collide
A local lobsterman has chosen to defy the town and keep his rights to a potentially valuable stretch of seabed off the shore of Branford that’s in the path…
Atty. Kathleen Nastri interviewed regarding e-coli in spinach
Atty. Kathleen Nastri was interviewed by radio stations throughout Connecticut in response to federal warnings that residents should not eat fresh spinach…
Product Liability 09/15/2006
Atty. Richard Bieder interviewed about teenage drinking
Atty. Richard Bieder, a member of the Board of Directors of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is interviewed on WVIT’s “Connecticut Newsmakers, highlighting the…
Atty. Neal DeYoung and Koskoff support unique job training program
National Public Radio features Atty. Neal DeYoung and his effort to find jobs for inner city youth.
Association of Trial Lawyers Honors Bieder for Helping Clients Fight for Justice in the Courtroom
A national association of trial lawyers has honored prominent Bridgeport attorney Richard Bieder for his record of fighting for justice in the courtroom on…
Their Life Ahead
Margaret Mueller and Charlotte Stacey are the first same-sex couple to seek legal compensation for loss of consortium in a medical malpractice suit.
Medical Malpractice, Civil Rights 07/19/2006
Lesbian couple files medical malpractice lawsuit
A lesbian couple filed a medical malpractice lawsuit Tuesday claiming botched cancer treatments damaged their love life. Their attorneys say it is the first…
Medical Malpractice, Civil Rights 07/18/2006
The Connecticut Law Tribune Honors Atty. Richard Bieder
Atty. Richard Bieder received the annual Pro Bono Award for his efforts in creating Trial Lawyers Care Inc.
Jury: Prison Captain Used Excessive Force
After deliberating about five hours Friday, a federal jury in Bridgeport found that a captain at Northern Correctional Institution used excessive force…
Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settled
The state has agreed to a $2.33 million settlement with the parents of James Bell, a patient at the Whiting Forensic Institute who died in 2002 while being…
Connecticut Super Lawyers 2006
Atty. Michael Koskoff was the top medical malpractice lawyer in Connecticut Super Lawyers 2006 and also the top vote-getter in any specialty, according to a…
Civil Rights 02/01/2006
A Waterbury jury says a family deserves $36.5 million in a medical malpractice case that left an infant brain damaged, blind and with cerebral palsy.
Atty. Christopher Bernard represented a Farmington Valley family in the case against Hartford Hospital and an obstetrician.
Medical Malpractice 11/29/2005
Local attorneys split on high court nominee
Harriet Miers’ lack of judicial experience doesn’t seem to be much of a concern to President Bush. Several Connecticut lawyers, however, say they aren’t…
Family claims state negligent in suicide
The family of a young man who committed suicide while in the state’s care is claiming negligence in a lawsuit recently brought against the Department of…
Civil Rights 09/28/2005
Credit Card Firms Sued: Commercial Litigation
Digging into his wallet after a panini sandwich at JAM’s deli, Bridgeport attorney Richard Bieder noticed how much the owner preferred being paid in cash…
Commercial Litigation 08/14/2005

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