Defective And Harmful Products

Product Liability

Every day thousands of consumers are killed or maimed by dangerous products that are abundant in our society. Automobiles, contaminated foods, drugs, industrial machinery and even household appliances can cause devastating injuries or death. Yet, product liability cases are among the most challenging cases for a client to pursue. Frequently the opponent is a large corporation that can raise technical defenses with vast resources at their disposal. Any law-firm taking on these cases must possess the resources, experience and personnel to properly protect their client’s rights.

Defective Products Attorney

Koskoff has more than forty years of experience in a wide range of product liability cases against both domestic and foreign corporations. Our cases have included both individual and class actions involving products as diverse as industrial machinery, automobiles, portable heaters, furnaces, pharmaceuticals, breast implants, contaminated foods, tampons, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, smokeless (chewing) tobacco, child automobile seats, tires, home propane heating systems and airplane engines. A myriad of other products have also been the subject of our lawsuits.

More than once we have taken cases to the Connecticut Supreme Court to protect our client’s rights. In that Court we have fought for the rights for Connecticut victims. We have also fought for the rights of victims from foreign countries to bring lawsuits in Connecticut courts.

Dangerous Products

The firm has handled cases resulting from defective breast implants, faulty industrial machinery, malfunctioning seat belts, food contaminated by e-coli, faulty military equipment, defective airplane pilots’ maps, and tainted, over the counter “nutritional supplements” all of which have seriously injured, or caused the death of, our clients

If you or a family member was injured by a dangerous or defective product, please contact our law firm as soon as possible to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation.