Defective And Harmful Products

Car Seats

In 2009, 48 babies were killed and thousands were injured in crashes where they were strapped into infant car seats. – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Parents often assume that all child car seats and booster seats are safe for transporting children. Unfortunately, the differences in quality and design of child car seats are enormous. Unsuspecting parents who believe they are protecting their children may actually be placing them at risk for serious accidents and injuries.

This NHTSA crash test video shows a child car seat that fell forward and sideways during a crash. Had a child, rather than a crash test dummy, been in the car seat, the child may have suffered serious injuries.

If your child was injured in any type of motor vehicle accident while riding in a car seat or booster seat, it is important to speak to an attorney who understands how unsafe car seats and dangerous child booster seats can cause or contribute to injuries in children.

Protecting Clients, Effecting Change

The attorneys at Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder PC, are dedicated to obtaining the maximum amount of financial compensation for clients whose children were harmed by unsafe car seats. Large verdicts and settlements in these cases not only compensate the victims of negligence, but help protect other children by encouraging manufacturers to improve safety of dangerous or defective child restraint devices.

If you or a family member was injured in an accident, please contact our law firm as soon as possible to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation. From offices in Bridgeport and New Haven, Connecticut, our product liability lawyers represent clients throughout the state.