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Injured By A Contaminated Needle?

Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder has extensive experience in handling these cases. We are currently investigating claims against Griffin Hospital for patients who were potentially exposed to hepatitis and HIV as a result of improper use of multi-dose insulin pens. Koskoff’s past experience includes claims against hospitals concerning diseases contracted from contaminated needles and resulting from the failures to take adequate safety precautions. In one such case, a young mother contracted Hepatitis C after a hospital employee reused a contaminated needle. In another widely publicized case, Doe v. Yale, Koskoff represented a resident who was infected with HIV from a contaminated needle while performing a routine procedure on a patient infected with HIV. The jury awarded Dr. Doe $12.2 million, one of the highest awards ever recorded in a medical malpractice case in Connecticut. After the verdict, as reported in The New York Times, Dr. Doe’s lawyer, Michael Koskoff, made it clear that he hoped the verdict “will send a message regarding the importance of training and safety” regarding the use of needles.

At Koskoff, the lawyers focus not only on fighting for and protecting our clients’ rights, but also on improving the quality of medical care for all patients.

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The New York Times reports hundreds of patients are receiving unnecessary cardiac stents. Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder is reviewing claims against Abbott Laboratories, CT hospitals, and CT cardiologists for unnecessary cardiac stent procedures. Read the full article.

Contact Koskoff attorney Jim Horwitz immediately if you or a family member may have had an unnecessary procedure or may have had a bad result from a cardiac stent procedure.

Reports are surfacing that patients who have been administered radiation for brain tumors, spine tumors and other tumors have suffered serious injuries as a result of radiation overdoses and improperly focused radiation beams. Serious injuries from radiation overdose can include death, coma, brain and nerve injuries. Read the full article.

Koskoff, Koskoff and Bieder, a nationally recognized medical malpractice and product liability lawfirm, is currently reviewing cases against Varian, the world’s leading manufacturer of the linear accelerators that are used to administer this radiation.

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