Civil Rights

Harassment & Discrimination

It is perfectly legal for your employer to be a tyrant, but he or she cannot sexually harass you or discriminate against you on the basis of your gender, race, country of origin, religion, or physical disability.

The attorneys at Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder PC, have won significant financial compensation for victims of serious workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. We also represent clients who were retaliated against for complaining about on-the-job harassment or discrimination.

Workplace Discrimination

We have won many cases for members of minority groups who were excluded from police and fire departments due to discriminatory hiring. We successfully represented members of the Guardians Black Police Officers Association in the longest running employment discrimination case in country. Filed in 1968, it alleged racial discrimination against African American members of the Bridgeport, Connecticut, police department.

A Hostile Work Environment

We represent approximately 2,000 female prison guards in a class action sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against the Connecticut Department of Corrections. These women suffered daily discrimination, harassment, and abuse by male prison guards who created a hostile work environment.

Because of their gender, our clients were denied promotional opportunities and delegated to work in less desirable work environments. Some were sent to work without backup in the areas of a prison housing male sex offenders. They endured regular assaults of foul, sexual language, pornography in the workplace, unwelcome physical mistreatment, and sexual advances from their co-workers. If they complained about the treatment, they were retaliated against.

Sexual Harassment by Threat

We also represent clients in so-called “quid pro quo” sexual harassment cases in which a manager threatens an adverse job action such as a demotion or firing unless the employee complies with the manager’s demands for sexual favors.

If you are the victim of illegal discrimination or sexual harassment at work, please contact our law firm as soon as possible to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation. Our civil rights lawyers represent clients throughout the state.