Personal Injury

Air Crash

For more than 30 years Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder has handled cases for people killed or injured in aircraft accidents occurring around the globe. Our cases have involved the crashes of both military and civilian aircraft, large commercial aircraft and small personal planes and helicopters. In our cases we have sued Sikorsky Helicopter, Pratt & Whitney, United Technology, Allegheny Airlines (now US Air) and other airplane manufacturers and carriers.

Several of Koskoff’s cases have established law that has helped victims from other states and countries use Connecticut courts to pursue their claims. In one important case we established a Connecticut precedent permitting a suit against military contractors for a crash of an F-16 fighter plane in Egypt, despite the “military contractor defense.”

In another well-known Connecticut case involving the crash of a “Life-Star” helicopter, the firm won a settlement of more than $5 million for an injured respiratory therapist.

The firm also handled federal court cases for victims of the crash killing former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown.