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Qui Tam & Whistleblower

The attorneys at Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder PC, occasionally encounter brave individuals who are willing to blow the whistle on corporate wrongdoing and on fraud that costs the government money. We are honored to represent clients who stand up to powerful entities and report wrongdoing.

Financial Compensation for Whistleblowers

Our lawyers not only protect whistleblower rights, we help whistle blowers receive monetary compensation for exposing fraud that costs the government money. Under the “qui tam” provision of the federal False Claims Act, whistleblowers may receive a percentage of the money the government recovers in a civil action against a company that has committed fraud.

Are you aware of actions your firm is taking that violate laws or government regulations? Have you been asked to participate in fraud against the government? Whether you have information about Medicare or Medicaid fraud, tax fraud, OSHA violations, violations of environmental regulations, or improprieties involving government research or government contracts, we want to hear your story.

Could You Be A Whistleblower?

A whistleblower can be:

  • An employee of a government contractor who knows the company is over-billing the government or making a defective product
  • A health care worker who knows that a doctor, hospital, clinic or nursing home is billing Medicare for services that were not provided
  • A construction worker who knows that a general contractor is putting workers’ lives at risk by falsifying inspection reports
  • An employee of a stockbroker or other investment professional who knows the individual does not always have their client’s best interest in mind or there is a conflict of interest.

If you are aware of wrongdoing that is not yet publicly known and are willing to stand up for what is right, we will stand by you and fight for justice and fair compensation.

Please contact our law firm as soon as possible to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation. Our lawyers represent clients throughout Connecticut.