Negligent Medical Treatment

Hospital Negligence

As many as 195,000 people a year may be dying in U.S. hospitals because of easily prevented errors, according to a 2004 study by HealthGrades, Inc.

People go to hospitals for treatment of disease and injury. Far too often, their conditions are made worse rather than better because of hospital negligence.

Hospitals are responsible for protecting patients from harm, and for adhering to established standards of care and their own policies and procedures. These standards cover everything from staffing levels to infection control procedures to surgical procedures to treatment protocols for specific diseases.

Compensation for the Injured

The attorneys at Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder PC, have obtained millions of dollars in financial compensation for people who suffered catastrophic injuries and illnesses because of hospital malpractice. We also represent the estates of hospital patients who died because of hospital negligence.

Hospitals are responsible for their employees, including doctors, nurses, interns, residents, orderlies, food service and maintenance employees. If any one of them took an action or failed to act in a way that resulted in serious harm to a patient, the hospital can be held responsible.

Hospitals are responsible for establishing rules, regulations, protocols and policies that its employees must follow. If a patient was harmed because a procedure was in error or a rule should have been in place but wasn’t, we will pursue legal action on behalf of the injured party.

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