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Decades-Old Discrimination Lawsuit Wraps Up

CBS News

December 21, 2010

BRIDGEPORT — What’s believed to be the longest-running race discrimination case in the history of the United States has come to an end.

The lawsuit filed 32 years ago by a small group of black police officers in Bridgeport has concluded, following a complete revision of policies in the police department.

Attorney Antonio Ponvert, who represented the minority officers, says, for years, the discrimination was pervasive.

“Unconscionable mistreatment of black officers and a hostile working environment that was really second to none” is how Ponvert described the situation to WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau.

Ponvert says the suit was brought by courageous officers who, back in 1978, put themselves and their jobs on the line when it was a dangerous thing to do.