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Insurance Claims, Bad Faith

An insurance policy is a contract between an insurance company and a policyholder. As long as the policyholder pays the premium, the insurance company is obligated to defend and indemnify the policyholder. That is, they must pay valid claims for coverage and provide legal defense for the policyholder in resulting lawsuits.

Putting Profits Over Policyholders’ Rights

When insurance companies ignore the terms of their own policies and put their own profitability over the best interests of their policyholders, the attorneys at Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder PC, pursue insurance bad faith claims against them.

We also file claims for damages against individual defendants and their liability insurance carriers in every area of our practice, from personal injury to medical malpractice to premises liability.

In settlement negotiations, insurance companies often have an opportunity to settle a dispute within the limits of the policyholder’s coverage. If the insurer refuses to settle and a jury awards a verdict in excess of the policy limits, we can pursue an insurance bad faith claim against the insurance company. In some instances, we may seek punitive damages against the insurance company in these so-called excess verdict cases.

Denied Claims

We also consider cases involving insurance companies who refuse to pay valid life insurance, private disability insurance, and liability insurance claims.

Please contact our insurance bad faith attorneys to discuss your case. Our lawyers represent clients in insurance bad faith claims throughout the state.