Birth Injury

Fetal Distress

During childbirth, the baby’s safety and vital signs should be of the utmost importance to the doctor and all medical staff in attendance. However, many hospitals are understaffed, leaving too few doctors to monitor mothers in labor. This can lead to fetal distress going unnoticed with devastating consequences for the baby and his or her family.

When fetal distress occurs, doctors and nurses must act immediately in order to protect the baby. Mothers need to be properly monitored and all medical staff must be trained in observing the warning signs of fetal distress, such as fluctuations in heart rate.

Mothers with pre-existing conditions, such as gestational diabetes, or those carrying multiples must be monitored even more closely. There is more likely to be fetal distress in a baby in a mother who already has health issues.

Our lawyers at Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder PC, are committed to helping families across Connecticut who are dealing with the aftermath of birth injuries resulting from fetal distress or other situations. We believe that doctors and other medical staff need to be held responsible for any actions that bring harm to babies and other individuals while being cared for in a hospital or other medical setting.

Our firm has years of experience handling a wide range of birth injury and personal injury cases, including those involving fetal distress. Contact us today to discuss how our firm can help with your birth injury case.

Oxygen Deprivation

One of the main reasons it is so essential that doctors treat fetal distress as an emergency is the likelihood that oxygen deprivation, or hypoxia, can occur. This is a serious situation as cerebral palsy and other debilitating and permanent conditions can result from the lack of oxygen to the brain.

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