Birth Injury

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Hearing the words cerebral palsy can be terrifying to a parent. No one wants to imagine how a medical mistake or birth injury may have caused his or her child to have permanent injuries or disabilities. However, there are options for seeking compensation for losses suffered and holding negligent medical personnel responsible for their actions.

Our lawyers at Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder PC, have years of experience handling cerebral palsy and other types of birth injury cases for clients throughout the state. We can take the time to explain the potential causes of cerebral palsy and how medical malpractice may have contributed to or directly caused the issues from which your child is now suffering. Contact us today to learn more about how a childbirth injuries attorney at our firm can help with your case.

Connecticut Birth Injury Attorneys

We handle situations in which cerebral palsy may have resulted, including the following causes:

  • Delayed cesarean sections (C-sections): A delay in deciding whether or not to deliver a baby by C-section can result in the lack of oxygen to the child and other complications.
  • Failure to monitor fetal heart rate during labor and delivery: Erratic fetal heartbeat or other heart rate issues during labor and delivery can indicate a larger problem with the baby. It is essential that doctors monitor the heart rate closely in order to prevent oxygen deprivation or other issues.
  • Failing to monitor mother during labor and delivery: When a mother is not properly monitored during labor and delivery, it can result in serious complications to the baby.
  • Failing to respond to fetal distress: When a fetus is in distress, medical staff needs to act quickly in order to prevent complications and further issues with the baby.
  • Dispensing the wrong dose of anesthesia: Infants need very specific doses of anesthesia, if any needs to be given at all. Whether the wrong dose was given to the mother during labor and delivery or the infant needed anesthesia after birth, an incorrect measurement of anesthesia or any medication can be life threatening and result in cerebral palsy.
  • Misdiagnosing or mistreating post-birth issues: After birth, an infant must be monitored carefully, even if he or she did not have issues in the womb, during labor or during delivery. If not, serious complications that may arise can be missed.
  • Failing to intubate infant when needed: When a doctor does not take steps toward maintaining an open airway in an infant by intubating, lack of oxygen can occur, leading to cerebral palsy and other issues.

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