Connecticut Truck Accident Lawyers

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    Connecticut has more than its fair share of truck accidents. Truckers who were caught in traffic in and around New York City often try to make up for lost time by speeding through our state. Far too often, this approach results in serious injuries and fatalities on Connecticut roads and highways.

    Trucking Crash Attorney

    The attorneys at Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder, PC, have won millions of dollars in financial compensation for clients injured in truck accidents. We have a deep understanding of the state and federal regulations that govern commercial trucking. We use this knowledge to maximize the amount of financial compensation our clients receive.

    Checking for Truck Driver Violations of Federal Regulations

    For example, if a truck runs a red light and injures the occupants of another vehicle, we investigate why the driver didn't stop. We check the driver's log books and other records to learn if he had been behind the wheel for too long. Drivers who violate federal hours of service regulations put others at risk.

    Did operator errors, like drunk driving or speeding, cause or contribute to the accident? Was it caused by lack of proper maintenance, defective tires or brakes, or inadequate safety markings? We explore all the options.

    Identifying All Sources of Compensation

    Our law firm will pursue all possible sources of financial compensation, including the truck driver, the trucking company, the truck's owner, the maintenance shop, and others who may have shared responsibility for causing the accident.

    Then we will aggressively pursue full compensation for damages, including pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages or income and loss of the enjoyment of life.

    If you were injured in an 18-wheeler wreck or any other type of trucking crash, do not talk to a representative of the other party's insurance company without first speaking to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

    Please contact our law firm as soon as possible to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation. From offices in Bridgeport, Danbury and New Haven, Connecticut, our truck accident lawyers represent clients throughout the state.